E-waste: how to dispose of it the right way

From 1 July 2019 you can no longer put e-waste in your household waste bin, or dispose of e-waste as part of a mixed load at the Banyule Waste Recovery Centre. This is to keep it out of landfill.

Instead, you can take e-waste to our Waste Recovery Centre. Some items can be left for free, other e-waste items will attract a general waste charge.

Bringing e-waste to the Waste Recovery Centre

You need to make sure your e-waste items are separated from other items you plan to dispose of before you arrive (preferably on top of the load). They will be disposed at different locations on site.

We will accept only household sized quantities of e-waste (no larger than the rear of a station wagon in volume per customer and/or vehicle per day).

E-waste: what is it?

E-waste is anything that you charge, plug in or need batteries to operate.

Common household items that won’t be allowed in the general garbage bins from 1 July 2019 are:

  • circuit boards which are found in many things: including toys with lights, that make sounds, or move
  • clothing/footwear such as those with lights (flashing shoes)
  • power cords
  • light bulbs (all types)
  • anything that plugs in
  • anything that takes batteries
  • anything that charges wirelessly
  • and big items electric reclining furniture (lounges and beds)

Disposing of e-waste

NTRCS items that can be recycled (free drop-off)

The National Television and Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) provides access to free collection and recycling services for old TVS, computers and related equipment.

You can take the following to our Waste Recovery Centre for free (household quantities only):

  • all televisions, such as CRTs, Plasma, LCD, OLED and projection TVs
  • laptops, notebooks, server cabinets
  • palmtops and tablets
  • computer monitors
  • parts of personal computers, e.g. internal hard drives, motherboards, cards, internal power supplies, CPU's DVD and CD drives
  • computer peripherals, e.g. mice, keyboards, joysticks, game pads, scanners and web cameras
  • modems switches, routers and hubs.

DeTox your home items (free drop-off)

There are also some DeTox your home items that are free to dispose at the Banyule Waste Recovery Centre:

  • batteries: all sizes (button cells, AA, 9v, 12v laptop, UPS, car)
  • fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent bulbs.

Find out more about the Detox Your Home program.

Other non-NTRCS e-waste

Items not captured by NTCRS (or part of Detox Your Home) will charged at the general waste charge if brought to the waste recovery centre (charged at the usual rates).

E-waste and hard rubbish collections

We are finalising the detail of how our contractors will accept e-waste as part of a booked hard waste collection. There will be no increase in household allowances for this service. Residents will present their items for collection at the kerb as usual.

Disposing of solar panels

We won't accept your photovoltaic cells (solar panels) at the Banyule Waste Recovery Centre and we won’t pick them us as part of a booked hard rubbish collection. You will need to return them to your supplier.