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Outdoor Personal Training

Banyule City Council has developed new Personal and Group Training Guidelines to assist Council in managing the increase in the number of personal and group fitness trainers requesting access to Council's public open space and sporting reserves.

The Banyule community has shown a growing interest in healthy living and lifestyles, which has led to an increase in the number of personal trainers and group trainers conducting their health and fitness activities, whether for profit or not for profit on Council open spaces. While Council recognises the valuable service personal and group trainers provide in maintaining the health and wellbeing of Banyule residents, Council also recognises the need to manage the use of public open space by these groups to ensure access for the whole community.

The guidelines outline the application process for Personal and Group Trainers to apply for the use of public open space and recreation reserves as well as define the conditions of use and the scope of activities permitted on public open spaces and recreational reserves.

All current and new group and personal trainers must apply via the new Personal & Group Training Guidelines and Application Process which are located under Related Information on the right hand side of this page.

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