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29 December Storm - Ivanhoe Aquatic pools set to reopen next week!

Your patience with the closure of the aquatic facilities at Ivanhoe is appreciated and we thank you for your understanding.

All the aquatic facilities (pools, spa and sauna) are on track to reopen on Friday, 27 January!

We’re able to reopen on Friday because new motors and pumps have been installed in the pool plant room that:

  • Circulate the pool water;
  • Maintain the water quality; and
  • Maintain the water temperature.

Although the equipment is in and operating, getting all the aquatic facilities to meet minimum water quality and temperature standards will take several days.

Reciprocal Rights

Ivanhoe Aquatic members and Learn to Swim program participants have reciprocal rights to use the aquatic facilities at Olympic Leisure until 27 January 2017.

Pool users

While the pool closure is in effect the pools, spa and sauna at Olympic Leisure Centre will open one hour earlier than normal, from: 

  • 7.00am Monday - Saturday
  • 8.00am Sunday

Group fitness timetable

Take note as of the group fitness public holiday timetable for Australia Day 2017.

The current timetable, effective 12 January 2017, will continue up until and including Wednesday 25 January. Please note a new timetable will start Friday 27 January - details on the new timetable will be released early in the coming week.

Getting to Olympic Leisure Centre from Ivanhoe Aquatic

There are multiple options available to get from Ivanhoe Aquatic to Olympic Leisure depending on your mode of transport. Google Maps outlines a variety of ways to get from one facility to the other, including via public transport. 


We will keep you updated as more information comes to hand, but in the meantime don’t hesitate to contact Ivanhoe Aquatic on 9490 7111 or our Olympic Leisure team on 9459 1193 if you have any questions or concerns.

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Opening Hours and Location

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Prices and Membership

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Learn to Swim

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Group Fitness and Personal Training

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Child Care

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Lap lane availability

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