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Banyule Public Open Space Plan 2016-2031

Council adopted its Public Open Space Plan in July 2016. The primary purpose of the Plan is to help guide Council’s planning and decision making in relation to public open space over the coming 15 years; i.e. 2016 to 2031, as this period is anticipated to be a time of rapid population growth. The plan is expected to play is a vital role in to ensuring that high quality public open space is provided in adequate quantities to ensure that current and future Banyule residents will be able to continue to enjoy a highly livable community, despite the likelihood of significantly reduced amounts of private open space, due to projected increases in residential density in many parts of Banyule. The plan is in two parts, the main document which includes all of the key strategic actions and the technical report which captures much of the background data used in developing the Plan.

To download a copy of the Public Open Space Plan 2016-2031 or Open Space Technical Report visit Related Information.


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