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Waste Education

The Rethink Centre

The Rethink Centre offers 'Living in a Material World', an environmental education program suitable for all age groups. The program provides a selection of multi-media based presenter-led experiential activities exploring the waste minimisation hierarchy of Avoid, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and the part these actions play in achieving environmental sustainability.

The Rethink Centre can cater for up to 120 visitors per session and is part of a working industrial site devoted to state of the art waste management, just seven kilometres from Melbourne's CBD.

Program content can be customised as required, is supported by technical information and is suitable for professional and community groups, primary, secondary and tertiary students, as well as young adult and mature age ESL students. The program is Victorian schools curriculum relevant.

Download the Rethink material under Related information. 

The "Waste Wise Van" and outreach education programs for schools

Banyule's very own "Waste Wise Van" can visit your school to teach students about waste minimisation activities at school and home. We offer programs that are suitable for students at Prep - Year 8 level.

All programs are free to schools in Banyule (some conditions apply). The AIM is to encourage students to identify their role in environmental issues (recycling, reusing, reducing and rethinking) and to take responsibility for personal waste management through the introduction of the 4 R’s program. The objective OUTCOMES are that students learn to respond to their surroundings, minimising at a personal level; how the community can contribute and, at government levels.

The Waste Wise Van comprises a number of action stations:

  • The Wall of Waste - Explore the history of the waste.
  • Environmental Waste Service - Find out the Banyule Waste Service.
  • The Environmental Wheel - Reasons why we should protect the environment.
  • The Wastemakers - Discover the wasteful habits on one family.
  • The Waste Wise Shop - Go back to Grandma’s day and discover her secrets and then compare todays shopping activities.
  • The Recycle Wall - Explore the pathways of recycling.

We offer programs for primary and secondary schools that can include:

  • Waste Audit & Site Assessment Pre (Before commencement of program) Post (After implementation of program)
  • Waste & Litter Minimisation Action plans for the school.
  • Teacher Information Session on  Waste Wise School Program or Designing and implementing a Waste Strategy.
  • Student Sessions on Waste & Litter Minimisation.
  • Ongoing support & monitoring.

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