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Free TV Recycling


Banyule residents can recycle their old televisions for free, giving them new life as park benches or car bumper bars.

Dumping of old televisions, for example on nature strips or in parks or on vacant blocks, is illegal and you can be fined.

Apart from the environmental benefits of recycling televisions, dropping off your old televisions and computers will also help employ people with a disability, including 40 clients of Araluen, a disability support service located in Banyule.

Televisions and computers, printers and computer products (keyboards, mice and hard drives) are picked up from the Waste Recovery Centre by Surplus Recycling Solutions (SRS), a family owned business in Thomastown which is committed to employing local people with disabilities or mental illness.

Collectively known as e-waste, televisions and computers comprise an increasing component of waste. They contain valuable materials that can be re-used, as well as hazardous materials which need to be managed safely.

An amazing 97% of a television can be recycled, with plastic casings melted to make park benches and bumper bars, copper re-used in cables and wiring, and gold, silver and platinum from circuit boards destined for multiple uses. SRS currently recycles 80 tons of televisions and 20 tons of computers per week.

The program is part of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, which aims to boost the recycling rate for television and computer products from 17% in 2010 to 80% by 2022. The Scheme is funded and run by industry and regulated by the Australian Government.

Do your bit for the environment - bring your e-waste to the Banyule Waste Recovery Centre on Waterdale Road, Bellfield. The centre is open Monday to Friday, 7.30am-3pm, and weekends and public holidays, 7.30am-Noon. It is closed New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Anzac Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


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