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Free Fridge and Freezer Collection

Brotherhood Fridges provides a FREE fridge collection service to metropolitan Melbourne homes.

Simply call 1300 366 283 to arrange for your old fridge/freezer to be collected.

Brotherhood Fridges is a social enterprise of the Brotherhood of St Laurence, which collects second-hand fridges and/or old fridges that are no longer working or required. You will find a link to the Brotherhood Fridges website under Related information.


A benefit to residents of Banyule is that your fridges and freezers can now be collected without using one of your two hard rubbish collections.

How it works

Brotherhood will collect your old fridge or freezer. They will assess if the item can be repaired using alternate parts to help it run more efficiently.

If it can be repaired, it will be sold through the Brotherhood of St Laurence Community Stores to raise money for the charity.

It will be recycled and harmful gasses (CFCs) will be safely removed if it cannot be repaired.

Brotherhood Fridges may receive Victorian Energy Efficient Certificates (VEECs), and you can find more information about this under Related information.

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