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The fight against dumped rubbish and litter

We're going to stop litter and dumped rubbish in its tracks and identify areas to improve our cleaning services. To do this we've created a Dumped Rubbish and Litter Plan to stick to, through to 2021.

We developed the plan with residents and organisations and it sets the vision, directions and actions to follow.


Banyule will be a cleaner, more liveable city with a culture rejecting rubbish dumping and littering.


  1. Implement best practice programs and services to reduce dumped rubbish and litter
  2. Build a culture of shared responsibility that rejects dumped rubbish and litter
  3. Advocate for external measures to reduce dumped rubbish and litter

The Dumped Rubbish and Litter Plan has all the details on how we'll work to realise the vision through each direction.