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Traffic issues

The Council managed road network comprises around 550km of roadway and carries over an estimated 400,000 vehicle trips daily by its residents alone. 

Who to Contact

For any issues within the arterial road network please contact VicRoads on 13 1171 or visit the VicRoads website here for further information and contacts. Council has a Transport section which is available to respond to traffic issues within the local road network, once alerted by VicRoads.

How to Request a Council Traffic Investigation

Council’s Transport team is available to investigate and respond to your traffic concerns.  Please contact Council’s customer service staff on 9490 4222 or click here to use the customer request form.

Council’s Investigation and Response Timeframes

Traffic investigations can sometimes take a while to assess as they can often involve multiple site visits, traffic and site surveys and vehicle counts. However, we endeavour to provide response to these enquiries within 20 working days of receipt of an issue where ever possible. 

Whilst Council maintains a database of traffic speed and volume on many of our streets this data is often out of date or simply not available for some streets.  At these times new traffic speed and volume counts are required. Council on average conducts more than 80 such counts each year throughout the Municipality and investigates and responds to around 400 traffic issues each year.

Traffic speed and volume counts are taken over an entire week period and these are not scheduled during school holiday or major public holiday periods as these can significantly impact traffic volumes. Given the large number of counts and the holiday periods our investigations can sometimes be delayed; particularly during the summer holiday period over December and January.  Council would seek your patience and understanding during these periods and will endeavour to keep you updated should such delays be inevitable.

Frequently Raised Issues

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