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Parking and traffic

Council deals with more than 3000 traffic and parking issues per year. Much of our work involves investigating traffic and parking concerns and ways to improve traffic routes, intersections, public transport, bicycle and freight movements.


As the population and residential development increases, traffic volumes also rise. Council can take steps to achieve a fairer distribution of traffic around the residential area by encouraging more use of main roads and less use of narrow residential streets, but this needs to be carefully considered so traffic is not shifted to another street. 

Council, VicRoads, Victoria Police and the Department of Justice work together to try and modify the driving behaviour of motorists to improve safety.

Requests by residents for measures to reduce speeding and unsafe driving are extensively investigated. Council provides limited funding for new traffic measures each year, but the funding is limited and as a result, not all requests are approved. Approved projects could take more than a year to b implemented.


Parking issues can also be a concern for our residents, visitors, shoppers, traders, workers and commuters. In our shopping centres, hospitals and railway stations, for example, there are more people wanting to park than spaces available. Parking concerns are resolved by trying to balance the needs of everyone who requires space.  

Council has adopted the On-Street Parking Management Framework to ensure consistent, equitable and balanced management of on-street public parking in the municipality. It guides the introduction of new parking restrictions or modification of existing conditions where a road safety hazard has been identified, or where parking spaces are in high demand.

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