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Policies, strategies and advocacy

Banyule City Council has developed a range of transport strategies covering a number of transport topics:

  • Integrated transport and land use planning
  • Road and Travel Safety
  • Bicycles and Cycling
  • Parking in and around Activity Centres
  • Parking in residential streets
  • Managing Rights of Way

Council has also expressed some strong advocacy positions in relation to transport issues impacting Banyule and its community – see Council’s advocacy position on important transport initiatives below.

Greensborough Transport Masterplan

The Greensborough Transport Masterplan utlines the transport future for the Greensborough Activity Centre. It envisions Greensborough as a major public transport hub for the Northeast providing local and regional access to jobs, education, shopping and services while supporting a vibrant local community. It supports and encourages local pedestrian and cycling amenity, along with advocating for a new Greensborough Transport Interchange  to provide accessible connected public transport services.  

The Masterplan has been developed now to respond to upcoming opportunities afforded by state government investment in the region. This includes investment in improving the M80 Ring Road, further duplication of the Hurstbridge Railway Line from Eltham to Greensborough and the building of the North East Link.

The Banyule Integrated Transport Plan 2015 - 2035

The Banyule Integrated Transport Plan will help guide transport and land use decisions in the municipality, providing an overall framework to address transport issues and create a more accessible, safe, sustainable and active community.

Check out the Banyule Integrated Transport Plan page for more information.

Banyule Safe Travel Plan 2016-2026

Banyule’s Safe Travel Plan provides a framework and direction for Council to help protect and improve the safety of all the people who uses roads, footpaths and infrastructure in Banyule.

The Safe Travel Plan has a Vision -  "Pathways to safer journeys – moving freely via people-friendly streets". The Plan was adopted by Council on 5 September 2016. The current Banyule Safe Travel Plan and appendices can be found under Related information.

Bicycles and Cycling

Council is dedicated to developing a combination of appropriate off-road and on-road networks to ensure cycling becomes a realistic travel choice for all residents and visitors to Banyule. Banyule’s Bicycle Policy 2010, and the Bicycle Strategy and Action plan identifies key local bicycle infrastructure required to provide a safe and connected network for all users. The Policy, Strategy and Action Plan can be found under Related Information. 

Banyule Activity Centre Car Parking Policy and Strategy

Banyule's Activity Centre Car Parking Policy (ACCPP) was introduced in 2010 to guide the management of car parking in and around Activity Centres. This is a long term policy applying to all retail and shopping centres in Banyule, with individual parking plans will be developed for each Activity Centre over time and in consultation with residents, traders, employees and visitors to the area.

See Related information for documents relating to the Activity Centre Car Parking Policy and Strategy.

Banyule Residential Parking Permit Policy 2016-2020

Council has recently adopted a revised Residential Parking Permit Policy 2016-2020 (RPPP), which provides clear guidance and direction on the operation of Council’s Residential Parking Permit Scheme (RPPS). The RPPS applies to all residential properties in Banyule which have timed parking restrictions of one hour or greater outside the residential property.

Resident parking permits are designed to enable residents and their visitors to park in and overstay certain time restrictions provided the vehicle is parked in the street identified on the provided permit.

See Related information for documents relating to the Residential Parking Permit Policy 2016-2020.

Rights of Way Policy and Strategy

Council developed and adopted a Rights of Way Policy and Strategy in 2014.  The purpose of the policy and strategy is to clarify Council’s role with respect to, and facilitate the co-ordinated management of rights of way (and unused roads) within the City of Banyule. See Related Information for the policy and strategy.

Council's Transport Advocacy

There are many transport networks and services that operate in Banyule and are run by the state through VicRoads and Public Transport Victoria (PTV). Council often has an opinion on how these might be improved for the ongoing benefit of Banyule. At such times Council takes an advocacy role to seek to influence the state bodies on behalf of Banyule’s community.

Council has adopted a key Transport Advocacy stance on a range of Transport issues.  Further details on this stance can be located on Councils Transport Project Advocacy page.

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