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Banyule Integrated Transport Plan

On 19 October 2015, Council adopted the new Banyule Integrated Transport Plan 2015-2035 providing long-term direction for transport and land use decisions in the municipality.

The Banyule Integrated Transport Plan

The Banyule Integrated Transport Plan is a high level strategic document that provides an overall framework to address transport issues and create a more accessible, safe, sustainable and active community.

The Plan’s vision:

‘Banyule is a city with accessible, sustainable and active communities, with good access to jobs, education, shopping and community opportunities within a safe transport network.’

This vision is supported by six themes (Accessibility and Mobility, Land Use and Development, Walking and Cycling, Public Transport, Streets and Public Spaces, and Advocacy and Leadershipconsidering different aspects of transport. Each theme is guided by an objective and supported by strategic directions and actions that will help to achieve the vision.

The Plan has 22 strategic directions and 68 actions across the six themes. The strategic directions provide guidance and a framework for decision making relating to a wide range of land use, health and wellbeing, and transport issues. This includes directions on parking management, allocation of road space and provision of walking and cycling infrastructure.

 The actions within the Plan include development of supplementary strategies and policies, implementation and support of behaviour change programs and advocating for change on a local and regional scale.

Consultation and Development

The Plan was developed over a two year period in consultation with the community and other key stakeholders from within Banyule and beyond. As well as looking at best practice from metropolitan Melbourne, Australia and overseas, development of the Plan considered over 4,000 responses and comments received during the 18 month consultation process.

 All feedback received has helped to shape the Plan. If you are interested to find out what people have said about transport in Banyule and the Plan during its development, check out the consultation summary paper ‘What you have told us’