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Useful Resources

On this page we have included a number of fact sheets and activity sheets to increase your knowledge of waste and recycling. These sheets can be downloaded from the Related information box in the top right hand corner of this page and comprise:

Fact Sheets

  • Material Recovery Centre - explaining how our Material Recovery Centre works
  • Material Separation - explaining how materials are separated
  • Material Reprocessing - explaining how waste materials are reprocessed after they are separated
  • Waste and Landfill - explaining what happens to waste when it is sent to landfill

Activity Sheets

  • Make your own composting game and learn about composting as you play
  • Make your own Caddisfly Nymph - the larvae of an insect whose presence helps indicate a waterway's health
  • Make your own Water Boatman - an insect whose presence can also indicate the health of a particular waterway

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