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Program & Session Features


Waste and Litter Shows

Becoming waste wise has never been so much fun!

Take a sustainable journey with the marvelous Material Girls and the fabulous Litter Sisters. Songs include Material World, Simply Recycling, Compost Stomp, You're The One That Can Help and Sustainability.   


Eco Wall

Find out about packaging and the natural environment.

Compare and contrast the impacts of resource extraction and processing of every day packaging materials. 



Become a waste wise consumer.

Make your visit to the supermarket just a little more sustainable by discovering the environmental advantages of reusable and/or recyclable packaging.


Second Chance

Don't throw it away!

Discover why reuse is preferable to recycling and how consumer items can be given the second and third chance they deserve.


Recycle Wall

Find out about material reprocessing.

 Let the Material Girls and the Recycle it Right Quiz Show reveal how used packaging made from glass, steel, aluminium, plastic, paper and cardboard is reprocessed and made into new packaging and products.


MRF Experience

Visit a working Material Recovery Facility and see what happens to the contents of your household recycle bin.

 Find out what a Material Recovery Facility is and how science and technology play a part in sorting used newspapers, cardboard boxes, jam jars, soup cans and soft drink bottles and cans into paper, glass, steel, plastics and aluminium ready for reprocessing.


Reclaim Landfill Experience

See what happens to waste that is not recycled.

Find out how landfill byproducts methane gas and leachate are managed and why it is so important to recycle electronic waste.


Replenish Garden

Featured on the ABC's Gardening Australia, this multi-award winning garden explores:

  • growth;
  • decay; and 
  • renewal.
The replenish garden also showcases the latest in sustainable landscape products and practices. You can also find out how to recycle all your food waste at home with the domestic scale bio-digestor, Green Cone