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Programs for Schools

Our school’s program has been developed to ensure it is relevant from Foundation to Year 10.

Sessions for schools

Foundation to Year 2

The Lota Less Litter Show

A musical theatre school incursion performed by Rethink Centre characters the Litter Sisters. The performance comprises entertaining songs and interactive vignettes highlighting litter prevention actions and the relationship between litter and the urban stormwater system. You can download more information in Related information in the top right hand corner of this page.

Incursion content:

  • Littering and social consequence
  • Littering and environmental impact
  • Plastics and marine pollution  
  • Litter prevention, think it do it  
  • Littering and resource recovery.

Incursion duration: 60 minutes

Contact the Rethink Centre Coordinator on 9490 4532 to arrange an incursion.

Foundation to Year 6

Living in a Material World - Recycle it Right

Incorporating musical theatre and presented and performed by Rethink Centre characters, the Material Girls. You can download more information in Related information in the top right hand corner of this page.

Session content:

  • Eco Wall – explore raw resources and the materials made from them  
  • Hypermart – know your packaging and shop waste wise
  • Simply Recycling - prepare your recyclables for kerbside collection 
  • Second Chance - repair and reuse rather than throw away
  • Compost Stomp – know your decomposers 
  • Recycle Wall – find out about material reprocessing 
  • Material Recovery Facility – understand and experience the material separation process at work.

This session is specifically designed for primary school students in terms of presentation and age appropriate language.

Session duration: 150 minutes

Year 7-10

Living in a Material World

A presenter-led session exploring resource recovery and sustainability. This session allows students to experience and understand a Material Recovery Facility as it sorts used packaging into material types ready for reprocessing and the manufacture of new products.

Session duration: 90 minutes

Resource Recovery

Session content:

  • Experience the material separation process at work.
  • Understand how physical properties are exploited to separate commingled used packaging into material type.
  • Find out how used packaging becomes secondary raw material ready for the manufacture of new product.

Session duration: 90 minutes

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