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Septic Tank Systems

Septic Tank Systems

A small number of properties within Banyule are not connected to Yarra Valley Water’s reticulated sewerage system and  must treat any wastewaters they produce within the confines of their property.  Council’s Health Services Unit is responsible for ensuring that septic tanks systems installed within these properties operate correctly and are being maintained.

Permit to install or alter a Septic Tank System

Property owners installing or altering an existing septic tank system are required to obtain a permit from Council’s Health Service Unit prior to undertaking any such works.  You can download a copy of the application form by selecting the link under Related information.  You are also advised to contact Council’s Planning and Building Departments to establish whether there are any additional requirements to be satisfied.

Request for information about a Septic Tank System

Council’s Health Services Unit often receives enquiries from potential purchasers of unsewered properties within Banyule about the septic tank system installed on the property.  However, due to current Victorian privacy legislation, only limited information about the system can be provided.  An application Request for Information about a Septic Tank System can be downloaded by selecting the link under Related Information, to enable Council to provide such information.   

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