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Residential or domestic noise

Residential or domestic noise is any noise from residential premises.

When dealing with noisy neighbours, the ideal approach is to talk to them and work together to find a solution. Sometimes noisy neighbours are not aware that they are making unreasonable noise or that they are disturbing you. Often talking to them can lead to changes that benefit you both. If the problem is ongoing and you are in dispute with your neighbour, contact the Dispute Resolution Centre of Victoria for free and confidential assistance to mediate a solution.

Police and Council can also be called to directly deal with a noise problem:

  • Noise from noisy music and or parties after hours should be referred to the police, as they can deal with the noise as it is occurring.
  • If you are affected by noise from barking dogs please contact Council's Animal Management Department on 9490 4222.
  • If you are affected by noise, please contact council's Health Services during office hours on 9457 9965, to determine whether they can help.
  • The Environment Protection (Residential Noise) Regulations 2008 are a guide as to the times of day certain noises may be deemed to be unreasonable. Council may be able to assist you if the noise can be deemed to be a nuisance pursuant to the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. The noise would need to be a nuisance, and also dangerous or offensive to health.

Industrial and commercial noise

Industrial and commercial noise is any noise from non-residential premises.

Noise complaints are usually investigated by Council or the Environmental Protection Authority. Several factors are considered:

  • the level of the noise,
  • the amenity of the area
  • any permit the company has allowing them to operate.

If you are affected by noise from industrial or commercial premises contact our Health Services Unit on 9490 4222 to determine whether they can help.

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