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Food - Poisoning, Complaints and Recalls

Food poisoning and food complaints

Our Environmental Health Officers respond to public complaints about alleged food poisoning, poor food handling or cleanliness, and food found to contain foreign objects.  If you have concerns about any of these issues at food businesses in Banyule, please contact Council's Health Services Unit on 9457 9965.

If you suspect you have food poisoning, please contact our office as soon as possible to allow for effective follow-up. Any leftover food should be wrapped and stored in your fridge. You will be asked to explain your symptoms and give us the time of the onset of your symptoms as well as a three day food history. As part of the investigation, our people will also ask you to provide a faecal sample, if this has not already been done by your doctor.

Food recalls

Food recalls have been developed to help businesses respond to incidences of food that have been identified as potentially unsafe and posing a risk to consumer safety. Our Environmental Health Officers contact food businesses that may stock the recalled food to ensure appropriate action is taken to remove the affected food product from sale.

All food recalls are advertised in the daily newspapers to make consumers aware of the type of food recalled and the action required regarding the recall.

For information about recent food recalls, and other useful contacts related to food poisoning and complaints see Related information or telephone 9457 9965.

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