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Public Health for Residents

The information we have provided on these pages will assist you with a range of health related topics, from food safety to heat waves and smoking.

Immunisation Services

Information about our immunisation services.

Food - Poisoning, Complaints and Recalls

Information about food poisoning, complaints and recalls

Food Safety at Home

Information about how to ensure that the food you buy and take home is safe and continues to remain safe during storage.

Fundraising Events Food Safety

If you are a community or not-for profit group wanting to sell food in Victoria, find out what you need to do and understand the obligations that relate to your type of event.


Information on heatwaves and heat stress, including what to do if you feel unwell during the heat.


Information about Victoria's tobacco laws, and Council's role in enforcing them. Find out about selling tobacco, smoke free dining, smoking in gaming and licensed venues, and shopping centres. We have also provided information about quitting smoking.

Disposing of Syringes

Where to safely discard syringes and what to do if you find a discarded syringe.

Pools and Spas in Public Facilities

Information about Council inspections of public pools and spas.


Information about residential and industrial noise.


Information about headlice and their treatment.


Information about what to do if you have a problem with pests.


Information about the safe removal of asbestos and materials containing asbestos.

Grey Water

Want to re-use grey water to irrigate your garden or lawn?

Septic Tank Systems

Information about septic tank systems, permits and maintenance.

Health and Wellbeing

Service and support information across various health areas and detail about what we do to contribute to better health outcomes.