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Registration of Portable Food Premises

What are portable food premises?

  • Temporary food premises that are not permanent in nature, such as a marquee, tent or demountable stall used for selling food at an event. These events generally include community markets, special or major open air events, fetes, street stalls and cultural and community festivals.
  • Mobile food premises including food vans, food carts, trailers or water transport vehicles.
  • Vending machines that sell food.

Application process

A new online system called Streatrader is used to manage the registration and notification of portable food premises throughout Victoria. This new website allows you to complete your forms online, and lodge them with your ‘principal council’. There may be some fees involved with your application and to determine the relevant fee for your application please contact Health Services on 9457 9965.

This system applies to both businesses and community groups. For a definition of community groups, access the Department of Health website in Related information.

Once your online application to register or notify is accepted and approved by Council, you will be able to trade anywhere in Victoria, provided you lodge a Statement of Trade.

Which Council do you contact?

All portable food premises need to register or notify (depending on their premises risk classification), with their ‘principal council’ enabling recognition on a state-wide basis.

The ‘principal council’ is the Council where a portable food business:

  • prepares and stores food to be sold at a temporary or mobile premises
  • stores equipment for temporary premises and/or where a mobile food vehicle is garaged

How to use Streatrader?

Access the Streatrader website in Related information.  You will be directed to Business Victoria Online, where you will create your login (unless you already have one, in which case you just simply fill in your username and password).  Once your login details are complete you will automatically enter the Streatrader website.  Now you are ready to complete your forms.  Streatrader will guide you through the process until you’re ready to hit the lodge button.

Statement of Trade – Operating throughout Victoria

Before trading you will need to lodge a Statement of Trade, which can be accessed via the Streatrader website linked to under Related information.

Other permits

Contact must also be made with Council’s Administration Department on 9490 4222 if the stall or event is to be held on Council property, for example a footpath.

Food Safety Guide/Food Safety Program Template

Food safety program templates and guides have been developed for use by portable food premises. The following table outlines the template or guide relevant to your operation.

Streatrader will help you determine your risk classification or refer to the risk classification link under Related information.

Community Group/Not for profit


Class 2

Community group template and mobile food premises template Class 2                                       

Food Safety Program Template for Class 2 Retail and Food Service Businesses (or other registered template)

Class 3

Food safety guide for Community Groups Class 3

Food safety guide for food businesses Class 3 (Minimum records)

Class 4

Not required

Not required


To help maintain safe food handling practices, the Department of Health has developed a free online food handling learning program, Do Food Safely, and you can find the link to this online course under Related information.

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