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Accommodation Businesses

To enquire about registering a Prescribed Accommodation premise in Banyule, please contact our Health Services Unit on 03 9457 9965.

What is a prescribed accommodation premises?

Prescribed Accommodation premises include any of the following classes of accommodation:

  • Residential Accommodation - Any house or building where a person can live on payment ot the proprietor, but does not include rooming houses, hotels and motels, hostels, student dormitories or holiday camps.
  • Rooming Houses - A building where there is one or more rooms available for rent, where the total number of people who may occupy those rooms is not less than 4 (i.e. where at least 4 people may rent those rooms).
  • Hotels and Motels - Residential hotel or residential premises where an on-premises licence or general licence is granted under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998.
  • Hostels - A building used primarily for the accommodation of travellers.
  • Student Dormitories - Accommodation for students, which is controlled by or operated under an arrangement with a school or tertiary institution.
  • Holiday Camps - Used for accommodation for groups for recreational and holiday purposes.

Refer to the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 for legal definitions and exemptions to the Regulations - access this at the website for Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents.

Setting up a new accommodation business

Everybody who sets up a Prescribed Accommodation business has a legal obligation, under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, to be registered with the relevant local Council.

Download the Guidelines and Application Form, found under Related information.

In addition to receiving the necessary Building and Planning Permits, you are required to submit two copies of plans (drawn to scale) for approval by Council's Health Services Unit for approval. Submit these plans with the Application Form.

Buying an existing accommodation business

If you are buying an existing Prescribed Accommodation business, it is recommended (but not compulsory) to organise an inspection of the premises by Council's Health Services Unit prior to negotiating the purchase.

Where requesting a Pre Purchase Inspection please submit the Application and Consent Forms, available under Related information
. Note that the Consent Form needs to be signed by the current proprietor, consenting to release information.

If you choose to proceed with the sale, you will need to contact Council's Health Services Unit when the transfer of sale is finalised. Both parties must complete an "Application form for Transfer of Registration" form (contact us for this form).

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