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Lodge a Tree Planning Permit Application

The form is made available to assist you in preparing an application and provide the information required by Section 47 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and Section 15 of the Planning and Environment Act Regulations 2005.

IMPORTANT: Submitting an application without the mandatory requirements and/or any additional requirements (where applicable) listed below will cause delays in assessment of your application.

If using a Council kiosk you must have copies of supporting documentation (i.e. photographs, plans, any additional information) on USB to be able to upload.

Mandatory Requirements 

All submissions must include:

  • Electronic copy of sketched site plan*;
  • Electronic copy of at least one (1) photograph per subject tree; and,
  • Payment of requisite fee (with credit/debit card) - Removal = $195.08, Pruning = $95.98.

*plan does not need to be to scale or professionally prepared, example is provided within form below.

Additional Requirements (where applicable)

  • Any application for vegetation removal and/or pruning on a property covered by the Significant Landscape Overlay (Schedule 1) must be accompanied by the following information:

    (a)    A written explanation justifying the removal of the vegetation supported by a suitably qualified arborist assessing the proposed vegetation removal;
    (b)    A description and accurate site plan denoting the position, height, number, trunk circumference, branch spread, slope of land and species of any vegetation to be removed; and,
    (c)    Plan details of the location of proposed replanting.

    Whilst provision of an arborist report is not directly referenced in the Schedule's application requirements, a qualified consulting arborist (minimum qualification AQF Level 5, Diploma of Horticulture - Arboriculture) will be required to fulfil the requirements of (a) and (b) above.

  • Any application to remove 4 or more trees, or remove any tree listed on the Banyule Significant Tree Register (in the Environmental Significance Overlay (Schedule 4)), must be accompanied by:
    (a)    An independent arborist report.

Provision of a full arborist report will, in any case, expedite the application's assessment.

You can order a free Planning Property Report from Land Channel to check which planning zones and overlays may affect your property. A mobile app version is also available for both iOS and Android devices.

Should it be determined that no permit is required, or if your application is withdrawn, your application fee will be refunded. Refunds may be subject to administration fee deductions and this will be confirmed with you at the time of application determination or withdrawal.

Please contact the Development Planning team on 9457 9808 (option 2) or via email if you have any queries about the online lodgement process or to discuss alternative lodgement options.