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  • Tree Removal - about the planning process for applications for tree removal
  • Significant Tree Register - this lists individual trees, groups of trees and areas of vegetation in Banyule that have special significance

Do I need a Planning Permit to remove a tree on my property?

We have many controls regarding the retention of vegetation. It is necessary for you to contact us with information on the type, location and health of the vegetation in question. This will assist us in determining whether a planning permit is required for tree removal or trimming.

Does gardening and landscaping require planning approval?

Depending on the planning controls that affect your property, you may be required to obtain planning approval for 'works' which also includes simple paving or a patio.  'Works' can include any change to the natural or existing condition or topography of land including the removal, destruction or lopping of trees and the removal of vegetation or topsoil. This doesn’t mean you need a planning permit to dig a hole and plant a tree. Gardening is not considered as 'works' within our Planning Scheme and therefore does not require planning approval. However, “gardening” may be limited to activities such as cultivating plants, and the minor pruning of vegetation for beautification purposes.

It is recommended that if you are in an area with significant vegetation, landscape, environmental or heritage significance (this means that your property is covered by an Overlay Control under the Banyule Planning Scheme), you contact us to determine whether your proposal would constitute 'works'. This can include proposals such as substantial vegetation pruning, vegetation removal, retaining walls, fencing, decking, concreting and even larger projects including excavation, installation of permanent water features, large ponds or swimming pools.

Proposals to amend a landscaping plan approved under a previous planning application will also require approval.

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