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Approved Ivanhoe Grammar School Development Plan

Development Plan Approval

On 9 June 2015, Council resolved to approve a new Development Plan for Ivanhoe Grammar School. Approval was subject to a number of changes and updates being made to the plan.

On 26 February 2016, Council endorsed a Plan which satisfied the resolution of 9 July 2015. 

In 2018 Ivanhoe Grammar made an application to amend and update the approved development plan.

The consideration and approval of the changes to included substantial public consultation including letters nearby owners and occupiers, signage on site, meetings with local resident groups and further public meetings.

Following this consultation, at the Council meeting on 28 June 2018 Council resolved to approve the amended development plan, subject to some additional conditions and changes.

The applicant submitted revised plans and on 10 October 2018, Council endorsed a Plan which satisfied the resolution of 28 June 2018.

Planning Permit for Sports Centre

Following the amendment of the development plan, a planning permit (P850/2018) was issued on 10 December 2018. This permit allows for ‘Demolition of existing buildings and structures; Construction of a Sports Centre and Removal of vegetation under SLO1 and VPO3’.

As permit application P850/2018 was in accordance with the approved development plan. The planning scheme provides that where a permit application is in accordance with the approved development plan, the application is not advertised to the public and Council must issue a permit.

Construction Management for Sports Centre works

The permit issued on 10 December 2018 included conditions which required the applicant to submit a detailed construction management plan which includes requirements of the school to keep local residents informed about upcoming stages of construction activity (demolition, bulk excavation and construction).

Ivanhoe Grammar School (IGS) have indicated that demolition works are due to commence over the school holiday period at the end of 2018-start of 2019 and continue for approximately 2 months (subject to weather conditions). Residents must be notified prior to demolition occurring and tree protection fencing must be established.

It is a requirement of the permit condition that information sessions are held with residents prior to the approval of the Construction Management Plan for the bulk excavation and construction stages.

The Construction Management Plan for Stage 1 (Demolition) and Stage 2 (Bulk Excavation) has been approved and work has since commenced on site.

A summary of the Construction Management Plan can be found under Related Information.

Failure to comply with Council’s Local Law or conditions of an endorsed Construction Management Plan may result in infringements being issued with penalties of up to $1,000 for each offence.

If it is suspected that construction activities are being carried out not in accordance with the endorsed Construction Management Plan or Council’s Local Law, the Municipal Laws – Construction Management Team can be contacted to investigate and commence appropriate enforcement action as required. Council’s Municipal Laws – Construction Management Team  can be contacted via telephone on 9490 4222 or by emailing us at