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We are committed to looking after and providing information about Banyule’s heritage. Substantial heritage planning work is guiding changes to the planning scheme to better protect, conserve and enhance heritage places in Banyule.

Click on the links below for more information.

  • Heritage and Planning - Learn more about the heritage overlay in Banyule.
  • Banyule Heritage Database - The Banyule Heritage Database is a searchable online database that contains information about properties and precincts in the Banyule Heritage Overlay. The information in the database is extracted from various heritage studies completed for the City of Banyule.
  • Aboriginal Heritage -  Resources relevant to Banyule.
  • Heritage Studies and Review - These studies form the basis of our heritage protections in Banyule.
  • Heritage Information - Links to Banyule's history, heritage grants and general heritage information.

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