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Car Parking Requirements for Development

Within Banyule, proposed development and land uses have associated off street car parking requirements and rates. The car parking rates are set as a standard across Victoria with identified local variances in car parking requirements also applying in some parts of Banyule.

Details about off street car parking requirements and rates associated with developments and land uses can be found within Clause 52.06 of the Banyule Planning Scheme and local variances in car parking requirements identified in schedule(s) to Clause 52.06. Under Related information you can view details of this clause and schedule(s) - navigate to the drop down menu for '50 Particular Provisions'.

Parking waiver

There may be times when a proposed development and/or land use cannot physically support the required off-street car parking requirements as required in the planning scheme. It is in these instances when a waiver (also known as a dispensation) of the car parking rate is required.

A car parking waiver is managed through the planning system and if Council deems appropriate, a notice of decision or planning permit can be issued for the waiver, either by delegation or Council meeting.

Where car parking on site cannot be fully accommodated, a meeting can be arranged with numerous stakeholders to discuss the shortfall. Typical stakeholders invited to the meeting include the owner/applicant and interested Councillors and appropriate officers to establish whether an agreement can be reached for alternative arrangements in the benefit of the overall activity centre and community.

If it is deemed that no agreement can be reached, Council is to consider the planning application at a Council Meeting to determine the matter.

Parking waiver - West Heidelberg Industrial Estate

For a car parking waiver associated with development and land uses within the West Heidelberg Industrial Estate, the Notice of Motion carried at Council Meeting 14 December 2009 also needs to be considered.

Below is an extract from the meeting minutes:



To consider an investigation to increase the provision of on-street parking within the West Heidelberg Industrial Estate and the possible development of an informal car parking scheme.


  1. That the report be received.
  2. That officers continue to work with stakeholders including Darebin City Council, Melbourne Water, La Trobe University and VicRoads to seek approvals for the Crissane Road and Orr Street projects, and that once approvals are obtained the projects be referred to the New Works and Services budget process.
  3. That the appropriate officer prepare a plan showing a car parking layout option with the maximum number of car spaces in Mologa Road.
  4. That officers, the Ward Councillor and any interested Councillors meet with the applicant/developer for any proposed planning application in the West Heidelberg industrial estate, which includes a car parking dispensation, to discuss and consider car parking issues.

Parking waiver - Medical Centres

For a car parking waiver associated with Medical Centres, the Notice of Motion carried at Council Meeting 29 March 2010 also needs to be considered.



Cr Wayne Phillips submitted a Notice of Motion. The motion when moved varied from the motion of which notice was given with leave of the Council.


That development applications for medical centres are required to provide the full statutory parking rate of five spaces per practitioner on site. A reduced rate could be considered by delegation if the following special circumstances are met:

  • On-street parking demand during the day is less than 75% of the on-street parking supply.
  • There is a nearby off-street parking area which has available parking supply to cater for the statutory shortfall in parking provision on-site.
  • The on-site statutory parking shortfall can be accommodated on-street across the property frontage.
  • The specific medical use can be demonstrated not to be parking intensive, possibly by having appointments more than one hour apart.
  • There is a parking precinct plan which would support a reduction.
  • Arrangements are made for parking to be provided on another site in close proximity.
  • Special considerations on site which would provide extra spaces or community benefit would be obtained by supporting the reduction.
  • Applications for four (4) or more medical practitioners on site.


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