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The Greensborough Project

The Greensborough Project stemmed from the development of The Greenbook: Greensborough Principal Activity Centre Plan in 2006.

The Greenbook’s vision for the Greensborough Activity Centre is that it will be recognised as a regional centre and as a place that is economically vibrant, which values community and individual well-being. It is leading in becoming more ecologically sustainable. The role and function of Greensborough as a regional Centre will evolve and strengthen as it continues to serve the existing and future community.

The Greensborough Project was a significant step towards achieving this vision and revitalising the Greensborough Activity Centre.

Achievements so far

Council has already successfully completed the following aspects of the Greensborough Project:

  • Watermarc, the leisure and aquatic facility that features the largest indoor waterslide in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • The renewal of Main Street, Greensborough, and adjacent town centre and the establishment of pedestrian links from Greensborough train station to WaterMarc and the retail centre.

The entire project cost $50 million and was a decade in the making. The work done has already seen Council receiving a Highly Commended Finalist award from the VLGA for Good Governance for the Community Consultation and participation process; and an Urban Design Commendation at the Planning Institute of Australia Awards for Excellence.

Current Initiatives

Greensborough Walk Retail and Commercial Project

To further develop the vision for Greensborough, a landmark retail and commercial development is being constructed in the heart of Main Street and along Greensborough Walk.

Greensborough Walk provides the primary pedestrian promenade to the popular WaterMarc facility. The Greensborough Walk retail and commercial development will be uniquely positioned either side of the Walk, with direct frontage to the Walk and Main Street.

The development was approved in 2012. Construction has begun and it is expected to be completed by the end of this year. It includes a mix of exciting retail and commercial opportunities across two, three-level mixed use buildings withassociated car parking . There is potential for development to be continued further along the walk in the future.

For any enquiries about Greensborough Walk Retail and Commercial Project, contact Projects Coordinator Michael Hutchison on 9490 4222.

One Flintoff

One Flintoff is the name given to the proposed construction of Banyule Council’s new offices and community facilities on top of WaterMarc in Greensborough. It takes its name from WaterMarc’s street addres – 1 Flintoff Street Greensborough. More information on this project can be found on the One Flintoff page.

Review of the Planning Controls for the Greensborough Activity Centre

The Planning Scheme controls for the Greensborough Activity Centre need to be updated and made clearer for some locations, so that better land use and built form outcomes can be achieved and the centre can be revitalised. For more information about the review currently underway please visit the Greensborough Activity Centre - Review of the Planning Controls page.