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Ivanhoe Structure Plan

The Ivanhoe Activity Centre has been identified as an area for future housing growth and activity by the state government. State Planning Policy requires council's to plan for development in activity centres like Ivanhoe and this is done through a structure plan.


The Ivanhoe Structure Plan provides an integrated vision for the activity centre and to guide change around the centre. The structure planning process took place over four years and involved over 1600 interested and passionate members of the Ivanhoe community.

The initial 2011 structure plan was criticised by the community for not having enough detail and for being too open ended. We were criticised for not engaging widely enough with local people. After this backlash the initial plan was abandoned, after 700 submissions were received.

We started work on a new draft structure plan with a renewed commitment to design evaluation expertise and consultation. The Ivanhoe community worked with us to develop what is now a comprehensive document that guides change while respecting the desired character of the area. The new 2012 structure plan adopted by Council on 17 December 2012, gives far more detail and guidance, which has been translated into the planning scheme controls proposed through Planning Scheme Amendment C93. 80 submissions were received to the new structure plan before it was adopted.

Revised Ivanhoe Structure Plan

On 1 December 2014, the Council resolved to adopt a revised version of the Ivanhoe Structure Plan. The revisions:

  • Correct spelling and grammatical errors and errors in the maps;
  • Include the Noel-Norman Street guidelines as an Appendix to the structure plan;
  • Assign timeframes to the implementation table; and
  • Make revisions in accordance with the findings of the Planning Panel in relation to Planning Scheme Amendment C93.

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