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Ivanhoe Civic Precinct Master Plan

At the heart of the Master Plan is the rejuvenation of the civic precinct and development of a new community facility that meets current and future needs. The Master Plan provides the framework for realising the vision for the civic precinct established by the Ivanhoe Structure Plan.

During the Ivanhoe Structure Plan process, clear aspirations and expectations were set for the Civic Precinct including:

  • A first class Ivanhoe Library that is contemporary, multi-functional and caters for all age groups and abilities.
  • A more vibrant civic precinct with a range of quality facilities having a community, educational and arts focus providing benefit across all ages.

The Ivanhoe Civic Precinct Master Plan establishes the guiding framework for development of the civic precinct, including building a new community learning hub, and creating a new vibrant public space. The Master Plan presents a step forward in realising key aspirations for the civic precinct and sets a clear strategic direction for future land-use and development of detailed designs for the community learning hub.

The main elements of the Master Plan are:

  • A new Community Learning Hub and demolition of the existing library: 
    - The hub proposal includes a library, Maternal and Child Health facilities, community and business meeting space, gallery space and viewing deck.
  • A public plaza fronting Upper Heidelberg Road:
    - A space for passive and actively programmed activities, acting as an outdoor extension of the activities within the hub.
  • New car parking arrangements:
    - Consolidating car parking into a single location at the northern end of the precinct by adding an extra deck, and creating a net gain of 34 spaces.
    - Removing direct access from Upper Heidelberg Road, leaving access to and from Ivanhoe Parade, and providing additional access from St Elmo Road.
  • Mixed use development at the southern end of the civic precinct:
    - Encouraging mixed use development that could include residential and commercial uses to bring activity and vibrancy to the public space and create a stronger connection with the commercial precinct.

Between March and June 2014, the community was invited to provide comments, views and feedback on the draft Master Plan, including at workshop sessions and through a formal submission. This feedback was considered in the development of the final Plan and to inform Council’s decision.

On 7 July 2014, Council resolved to adopt the Ivanhoe Civic Precinct Master Plan, while continuing to engage with the community when implementing the elements of the Master Plan redevelopment, including consideration of detailed designs for the community learning hub, public space, mixed use development, and car parking and the interface with Ivanhoe Parade.

Further specific detail about Council’s decision can be found in the Council meeting minutes and agenda archive.