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Responsible Pet Ownership

It’s great to have a pet! Remember, however, for the comfort and safety of others living in Banyule, there are some important things you should know:

Nuisance animals

The Domestic Animals Act 1994 recognises the importance of dogs and cats as pets. In addition to registering your pet you have a responsibility to ensure that your pet is not a nuisance to your neighbours.


Our officers receive hundreds of complaints in regards to cat issues every year. If you have an issue with cats please contact us and log a complaint.

For information on how to prevent your cat from becoming a nuisance please contact the Cat Protection Society or contact our rangers. The Cat Protection Society is also our contracted pound.


Incessant barking from a dog can cause all sorts of problems for dog owners and their neighbours. Dealing with Barking Dogs in Banyule will provide tips on how to deal with a barking dog.

To lodge a barking dog complaint get in touch with us.

Responsible pet ownership program

We encourage responsible pet ownership with the Responsible Dog Ownership Program and provide reduced registration renewal fees if you can provide us with a copy of a Dog Obedience Certificate.

Dog Obedience Certificates can be issued by dog obedience clubs following successful assessment.

To have your dog assessed you must book and pay for the assessment and ensure your dog is:

  • 12 months of age
  • Registered
  • Immunised

Dog obedience

There are a number of dog obedience clubs in and around Banyule. Dog obedience is a great way to socialise your dog and meet people with a common interest.

Dog obedience clubs include:

Free dog obedience training

The German Shepherd Dog Club and Wiltja Dog Club offer a 5 week dog training program.

The training program is run twice yearly, May and August and it is free.

If you're looking to have your dog assessed for the Dog Obedience Certificate there is a regulatory fee ($10) that must be paid.

Contact the German Shepherd Dog Club or Wiltja Dog Club directly to book for the training program or to book for the Dog Obedience Certificate assessment. 

Dog attacks

Dog owners are responsible for the control and confinement of their dogs. Current laws provide heavy penalties for owners of dogs that rush people. In instances where the dog has attacked and caused serious injury or death, the owner may be taken to court.

If you have been subjected to a dog attack the Information for Victims brochure may provide assistance.

In addition to serious attacks the dog may be either destroyed or declared as being dangerous. If the dog is declared dangerous there are special restrictions that will be applied.

Desexing of cats and dogs

The benefits of having your animals desexed are that it prevents unwanted young being born and can help calm animals. Desexed animals are not as aggressive and do not tend to wander as often.

Council provides assistance to pensioners and health care card holders by providing an Australian Veterinary Desexing voucher which entitles the owner to a discounted desexing fee which is accepted by the majority of the vets within Banyule City Council municipality. These vouchers are valid for one month from the date of issue. For more information about the vouchers please contact our Customer Service staff on 9490 4222.

 You can have your pet desexed at:

  • Most veterinary surgeons
  • RSPCA 9224 2222
  • Lort Smith Hospital 9328 3021
  • Lost Dogs Home 9329 2755
  • Cat Protection Society 8457 6500

Free cat desexing

Council runs a free cat desexing program twice a year.

Open to all Banyule residents, this regular program gives you the chance to help reduce Banyule’s stray cat population and also do your bit for your cat, other residents and our native bird and animal population without it hitting your hip pocket. 

To register on our waiting list please just give us a call.

It’s first in, first neutered or spayed! Bookings are essential via our Customer Service team on 9490 4222.

The next session will be held in March 2018.



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