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Animal Registration

The Domestic Animals Act requires that all cats and dogs over the age of three months be registered with Council. Registrations are an annual charge and must be renewed with Council by 10 April. Dogs and cats must be microchipped and proof provided to council for your pet to be registered with Council.

The funds raised through registration fees pay for Council's animal control services. These include a twenty-four hour emergency service, provision of pound/shelters for lost, stray and unwanted animals, mediation programs and community education. 

Your pet must wear the tag provided. It is the link to you in the event that your pet becomes lost. A replacement tag can be obtained for a fee of $6.00 in the event of loss or damage of the tag.

Failure to register a dog or cat may result in an infringement notice being issued to the pet owner.

Pay your Registration Renewal

Registration renewals can be paid by credit card over the Internet. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions. You will need your registration renewal form to be able to process your payment.

To pay your registration online please follow the link located under Related information. Animal registration and renewal fees are detailed on the registration form.

New Registrations

If you have registered your pet at another council for the current registration year, you will not need to pay to register your pet again at Banyule. However, a transfer fee of $6.00 will apply and all required paperwork and documentation must still be lodged. Registration of a new animal requires a signature to state that all information provided regarding the animal and its owner is correct.

You may be eligible for a reduced fee if your pet meets certain requirements, only one reduction in fee is permitted. Please see this list for eligibility.

State Government Levy for Dogs is $3.50 each.

State Government Levy for Cats is $2.00 each.

  • Dogs not desexed - $117.50
  • Desexed and microchipped dogs - $41.50
  • Desexed and microchipped cats - $34.00
  • Dogs over 10 years old (proof required) - $41.50
  • Cats over 10 years old (proof required) - $34.00
  • Puppies under 6 months old - $41.50
  • Kittens under 6 months old - $34.00
  • Dogs kept for working stock - $41.50
  • Cats registered with the Feline Control Council, the Governing Council of Cat Fancy Australia and Victoria Incorporated, the Democratic Cat Council Incorporated or any successor in law of any one of those associations or a breed society approved by Council - $34.00
  • Animal owners registered with Dogs Victoria (previously the Victorian Canine Association) or any successor in law of that Association or any organisation approved by the Council - $41.50

Eligible pensioners are charged 50% of the fee plus the state government levy. There is no reduced fee for for restricted, menacing or dangerous dogs. Holders of the following cards are also eligible:

  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card.
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Pensioner Concession Card.
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Repatriation Health Card specifying a War Widow TPI.

These are the only pension cards accepted for half rate fees. A photocopy of the pension card must accompany any claims for concession on animal registrations.

The Application to Register an Animal Form is located under Related information. Animal registration fees are detailed on the registration form.

Keeping Banyule up to Date Regarding your Pets

To notify Council of a deceased animal or a change to your residential or postal address linked to registration, there are online forms you can download and complete.

Once you have completed the forms, you can mail them to us along with proof of micro chipping and desexing, or submit them at any of our service centres.

The Change of Address Form and The Deceased or Departed Animal Form are located under Related information.


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