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275  Upper Heidelberg Road
Ivanhoe  Victoria 3079

(03) 9490 4300


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The Centre Ivanhoe

The Centre Ivanhoe is a function venue which consists of five separate event spaces, each with varying capacities. These are listed in order of size:

  • The Great Hall (800 guests);
  • The Streeton Room (300 guests);
  • The McCubbin Room (150 guests);
  • The Conder Room (120 guests); and
  • The Withers Room  (80 guests).

All of the rooms are accessible and the McCubbin Room is considered the most accessible. Within the building there is a large foyer, a lift, storage areas, single sex toilet facilities as well as two unisex accessible toilets.

The Centre Ivanhoe is a heritage building and with this presents some access challenges. When making a booking, please discuss any mobility/access needs with the bookings officer.

Banyule Council is investing more than $29 million to upgrade parts of The Centre Ivanhoe and deliver a new Library a Cultural Hub. Construction is scheduled from mid-February 2019 to September 2020. The Centre Ivanhoe will remain open but due to the kitchen renovation the type and scale of events able to be supported will change. We anticipate full scale events will take place from June 2020.

For more information about hiring rooms and venue catering, call The Centre Ivanhoe on (03) 9490 4300 or email

The building is located on a hill. There is a path that leads to the main entrance - it is on a steep incline so a person may need assistance to use this particularly if in a wheelchair or using a mobility aid.

Path to building

The car park on the site is to the rear of the building, with one designated accessible parking bay (DAPB) directly outside the McCubbin Room entrance. The distance from the rear DAPB to the main entrance is over 100m with no resting place. There are a further two DAPBs located close to the adjoining Ivanhoe Service Centre.


The entrance door is heavy and hard to open.


There are two unisex accessible toilets - one is located in the foyer on the right hand side. The other accessible toilet is located on the bottom level (McCubbin Room).

Male and female toilet facilities are available for all rooms.


There is a reception area on the left hand side of the Great Hall foyer. This is for The Centre Ivanhoe bookings and enquiries.

There is stair access to all levels.

The lift is located at the left hand side of the foyer behind the staircase. There is signage to direct you to the lift.  The lift is used to access Level 1 in the Council Chambers next door if required. Please contact staff for assistance.

There is  lift access to all three levels:

  1. Streeton Room (lower floor)
  2. Great Hall (ground floor)
  3. Withers Room (upper level) 

There is a ramp to the Great Hall stage via left hand side of Great Hall Foyer and Great Hall alcove.

Access to  Streeton Room Stage via Streeton foyer.


On Upper Heidelberg Road (next to the Ivanhoe Library)
1 min walk (75m from entrance)

  • Route 510 to Ivanhoe Station and Essendon
  • Route 548 to Latrobe University

On Upper Heidelberg Road (outside 246 Upper Heidelberg Road)
1 min walk (75m from entrance)

  • Route 548 to Kew

On Ivanhoe Parade
3 min walk (225m from entrance)

  • Route 510 to Ivanhoe Station and Northland Shopping Centre


Ivanhoe Railway Station
2-4 min walk (140m-250m)

  • Platform 1 (to Heidelberg towards City), 2 min walk
  • Platform 2 (towards Eltham/Hurstbridge), 4 min walk

Hearing augmentation is available at events on request


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