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Redmond Court Wetland Reserve

12 Redmond Court, Bundoora, Victoria 3083

This constructed wetland is located off Redmond Court in Bundoora.

Historical Information

This wetland was previously a lake supplying irrigation water to sporting fields at Parade College. When the land was sold to developers for housing, the lake was transformed into a retarding basin to mitigate stormwater run off from the subdivision.

Banyule Council acknowledges the Wurundjeri-willam people, the traditional custodians of Banyule.

Wetland Processes

The wetland collects stormwater run-off from the surrounding area and filters materials like phosphorous and nitrates before the water runs into Darebin Creek. These materials are most commonly found in detergents, dog poo, fertilisers and litter. Wetlands have retention basins or ponds that slow water flow so that a number of natural processes, including the trapping of pollutants, can occur.

The wetland also naturally helps with sedimentation. As storm water runs into the wetland it slows down and causes sediments to settle at the bottom of the wetland, which is why wetlands often need to be dredged so they can continue functioning.

Flora and Fauna

Redmond Court Wetland provides habitat for a vast number of indigenous wetland species and local birdlife.

The environmental assets in this reserve are managed by Banyule's Bushland Management Department.


Melway Reference: Map 10, A11. Access via Redmond Court, Bundoora.



Features & Facilities

  • Picnic Table
  • Wetland
-37.693265, 145.067882
12 Redmond Court Bundoora Victoria 3083

Redmond Court Wetland Reserve

12 Redmond Court Bundoora 3083

Map with address 12 Redmond Court Bundoora 3083