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Services and Links

Banyule City Council is committed to supporting diversity in our community. There are a number of services offered by Council, State Government and other organisations that are available to all residents. If you have any other services you would like to suggest please email us at or call 9490 4222

Services and Links for Multicultural Communities

Banyule City Council Multicultural Advisory Committee
View information about the purpose, aims and members of the Multicultural Advisory Committee

Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres
There are a number of Neighbourhood Houses across Banyule that often host a range of activities available to different cultural groups across the municipality.

Multicultural Commission of Victoria
Established in 1983, the Victorian Multicultural Commission has provided independent advice to the Victorian Government to inform the development of legislative and policy frameworks, as well as the delivery of services to our culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse society.

Refugee Council of Australia
View information about the umbrella body of different services that support refugees. Other services offered by RCOA include Refugee WeekA Just Australia and The Refugee Foundation

Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia
View information about this national body that represents Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria
The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria Inc. (ECCV) is the peak body for ethnic and multicultural organisations in Victoria. It is a community based, member driven organisation committed to empowering people from diverse multicultural backgrounds.

Islamic Council of Victoria
View information about Islam and relevant events in Victoria

Celebrate India
View information about the Indian Community Organisation

Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre
Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) is a one-stop-shop catering for the needs of newly arrived and established migrants and refugees. MRC offers services and support to assist refugees in settlement and integration.

For 60 years AMES has helped new and recently arrived refugees and migrants to settle in to Victoria. AMES offers much more than just teaching English – they work with new arrivals and with the community, business and Government to develop sustainable and effective settlement solutions for the whole Victorian community.

Banyule Interfaith Network
Banyule Interfaith Network  is a network of representatives from the different faiths and cultural groups that reside or meet within or near the city of Banyule.

Northern Interfaith and Intercultural Network
The NIIN brings together community leaders, educators, professionals, cultural leaders and community workers from across five municipalities in Melbourne's northern suburbs to develop a community-led response to regional social and cultural issues.

Somali Australia Council of Victoria
The Somali Australian Council (SACOV) advocates for the Somalis need in government and non-government agencies that provide social service in Victoria and setting up the resources and information they require.

Banyule Community Health Centre
BCHC aims to improve the health of the community by promoting a multidisciplinary approach to community health through teamwork and co-operation with other health and welfare providers.

Yarra Plenty Regional Library
YPRL supports the social, economic and cultural development of Banyule communities. They provide pathways to services and information in partnership with other services and information providers.

Islamic Museum of Australia
The design of the Islamic Museum of Australia aims to challenge ideas of what and how an Islamic museum in Australia should be. The mission is to create a culture of awareness and understanding through innovative environments, programs and tools that help people nurture their curiosity about Islam and build bridges of understanding between cultures.

Scanlon Foundation Report - Mapping Social Cohesion
Since it was established in June 2001, the Scanlon Foundation has pursued a mission to support ‘the  advance of Australia as a welcoming, prosperous and  cohesive nation’. The Foundation’s social cohesion  research program guides its Australia-wide grant-based  investment in programs designed to promote diversity  and social cohesion. 

Victorian Multicultural Policy
This policy contains a set of indicators which will be used to measure the State’s progress in multicultural affairs. The Policy focuses on three major themes: Maximizing the Benefits of our Diversity; Citizenship, Participation and Social Cohesion; and Responsive and Accessible Services.

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