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'Racism. It Stops With Me'

Research from 2011 shows that one in seven Australians say they experienced discrimination because of their colour or background.

The 'Racism. It Stops With Me’ campaign is an initiative of the National Anti-Racism Strategy launched by the Australian Government in August 2012.

Banyule City Council unanimously decided to endorse the ‘Racism. It Stops With Me’ anti-racism campaign..

Council has committed to prevent racism by pledging to undertake activities over the next 3 years in support of the campaign. 

Objectives of the National Anti-Racism Strategy are to:

  • Create awareness of racism and how it affects individuals and the broader community.
  • Identify, promote and build on positive programs to prevent and reduce racism.
  • Empower communities and individuals to take action to prevent and reduce racism and to seek help when it occurs.

For information about the campaign and how to get involved, go to Racism. It Stops with Me or follow the campaign on Twitter - @ItStopsWithMe.

What is bystander anti-racism?

Bystander anti-racism can be defined as 'Action taken by a person or persons (not directly involved as a target or perpetrator) to speak out about or to seek to engage others in responding (either directly or indirectly, immediately or at a later time) against interpersonal or systemic racism'.

Bystander anti-racism is not necessarily about directly confronting a perpetrator.

A range of actions are considered bystander anti-racism. Watch the video below for more information about bystander anti-racism.

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