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Diverse Communities and Social Inclusion

We are committed to building inclusive communities where diversity is celebrated and valued. Our community includes people from a variety of backgrounds, identities, beliefs and abilities and Council believes this diversity is an asset to our community.

We have developed an Inclusion Access and Equity Framework which guides how we work with diverse communities to:

  • make our services inclusive and accessible,
  • advocate on important issues for diverse communities,
  • and promote greater community awareness and appreciation of diverse communities.

The framework guides the way we work with and plan for diverse communities. In December 2014, Council endorsed its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Multicultural, LGBTI and Disability plans.

Not the same, but equal

The Inclusion, Access and Equity framework and associated plans aim to ensure that everyone in the community has equality of access to Council’s services and resources. However, the term ‘equity’ recognises that people are different and therefore require tailored responses to achieve ‘equality’ for everyone.

What have we achieved?

You can download our Inclusion Access and Equity Report for 2015-2016 to read about our achievements so far.

What’s next?

We will continue to work alongside the community on projects and activities that assist diverse communities. Each year, we will produce a report outlining achievements and identifying any new challenges and issues requiring attention.

To find out more, give your feedback or to get involved, contact our Community and Social Planning Team on 9490 4222.

Inclusive Language

Written and verbal language is our main form of communication and plays a powerful role in both the contribution to, and the elimination of, discrimination. Banyule includes people from a variety of backgrounds, identities, beliefs and abilities and this diversity is an asset to our community.

Through our key values of inclusion and respect, we are committed to ensuring the services we provide, and the culture of our organisation, is inclusive. Inclusive language is an integral part of creating an inclusive culture and we have developed the Inclusive Language Guide to assist staff, guest speakers and the broader community.

Inclusion Access and Equity – Communities that we work with.

Council’s approach to Inclusion, Access and Equity includes a particular focus on the communities listed.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities

View information about the Banyule Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communitiy

Multicultural Communities

View information about our multicultural communities

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex Communities

View information about our LGBTI communities

People with a Disability

View information about services for people with disability

For more information about Indigenous Communities, Multicultural Communities, LGBTI Communities and People with a Disability please contact our Community and Social Planning Team on 9490 4222.

*Note all documentation can be provided in alternative formats, contact