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Graffiti on your property

There are many ways to minimise the potential for graffiti to occur on your property. Some of the ways that this can be done is to review the basic design and maintenance of your property.

Large blank walls or fences attract the most graffiti, try to avoid these and use the following ideas:

  • Plant fast growing vines or bushes, spikey plants such as bougainvillea are very effective.
  • Install sensor lighting.
  • Use darker colours rather than light.
  • Avoid smooth, even surfaces. Use rough, textured surfaces where possible
  • Where possible, use tinted anti-graffiti coating.

Graffiti Removal

Remove graffiti as soon as possible. It will be easier to remove and discourages vandals attacking again.

Private Property: Council offers free graffiti removal kits to the local Banyule community to remove graffiti from their property. These kits are best used soon after the graffiti has occurred and on an area smaller than 8x8 metres. The kits are appropriate for removing graffiti from smaller spaces from a variety of different surfaces such as colour bond, painted & unpainted wood and masonry.

To obtain a Graffiti Removal Kit, contact Council on 9490 4222

Graffiti on Council Property

Council is keen to remove graffiti from its own property as soon as possible. If you see graffiti on Council owned assets please let us know. By completing the online feedback form or calling Customer Service on 9490 4222 we will be able to arrange for the removal of the graffiti.

Council assets include:

  • Council signage
  • Bus shelters
  • Park and street furniture
  • Public toilets
  • Sporting pavilions
  • Other Council buildings
  • Roads and footpaths

Report Graffiti to Victoria Police

Graffiti is illegal, and it is important to report graffiti to Police. This can assist the police with tag identification and also give the police an indication of local “hot spots”.

Keep a record of the cost; you may be able to claim the expenses on your insurance.

Heidelberg Police Station - Phone: 9450 8000
Greensborough Police Station - Phone: 9435 1044

Managing graffiti within the City of Banyule

Banyule City Council has developed a comprehensive Graffiti Management Strategy. Graffiti within Banyule is addressed via a range of approaches.  Community Street Art murals are one of the strategies used in order to better manage graffiti hotspots, and to improve community perceptions of safety.

Why do we do Street Art murals in Banyule?

Research indicates that community Street Art murals can be an effective response to sites that are experiencing significant and ongoing illegal graffiti. Banyule City Council is committed to identifying suitable street art mural sites in the municipality and works alongside our young street art program participants, street art facilitators and property owners in order to develop appropriate designs and engaging artworks at these sites.

How do we identify Community Street Art Mural Sites?

Council assesses suitability of street art sites through a set of criteria which looks at current and historic prevalence of graffiti at the site, and whether graffiti occurring at the site is best managed through another approach. Identified sites must be safely accessible from a prominent public space and assessed as safe for artists/participants to undertake a mural.

Can we be considered for a mural?

Private residential property, and property located outside of Banyule City Council is not eligible for consideration for a community street art mural.

Due to third party restrictions, Public Transport property, and property that is the responsibility of another asset or public utility cannot be considered in this program.

In order to be considered for a Banyule City Council Street Art mural an Expression of Interest form must be completed to register your interest.

To complete please click here    

For more information, please contact Banyule City Council Youth & Community Partnerships Team on 9457 9855.

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