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Community Safety

Community Crime Prevention Program

In  late 2013, we were successful in obtaining a Graffiti Prevention and Removal Grant from the Department of Justice to lead on a graffiti project “Graffiti – everyone’s business” centered around the Watsonia Shopping Centre.

This project, undertaken in 2014, aimed to reduce the amount of graffiti, improve the visual amenity of the area, reduce negative perceptions around personal and community safety and provide sustainable practices for better future graffiti management.

Highlighting a very collaborative process between the community and ourselves, the project officer was supported by a steering group made up of the Watsonia Traders Association, Neighbourhood Watch, Watsonia Neighbourhood House, Banyule Youth Services, Victoria Police, and other interested community members.

The project outcomes included the removal of old graffiti, the painting of a mural on the timberyard wall in Watsonia Road, training, access to portable removal units and better information about reporting and responding to graffiti.

Videos about the project can be found below:

We acknowledge the Victorian Government in funding this project.

Safer Banyule Plan

The Safer Banyule Plan provides a framework for us to promote and support community safety and amenity. It identifies and coordinates strategic activities addressing crime prevention and community safety issues in the municipality.

Community safety covers broad areas such as crime, injuries and accidents, poor family relationships and lack of support, drug and alcohol use and related behaviours, poor physical environment, unstable housing and social exclusion.

The community generally have a personal interest in maintaining or improving community safety at some level.

The underlying strategies look at safer design and reducing the opportunity for offending and at a social level, addressing the underlying and often complex issues related to crime and victimisation.

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