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Child, Youth and Family Plan 2016-2020


Banyule’s Child, Youth and Family Plan

With 21.4% of Banyule’s population aged between 0 and 17, Council works hard to support and provide opportunities for children and young people, as well as their families.

Our Child, Youth and Family Plan 2016-2020 outlines our collaborative approach to responding to the needs of children, young people and their families who live, work and play in Banyule.

As outlined in our Plan, we aim to:

Build capacity by:

  • Supporting families to raise happy and confident children and young people.
  • Supporting children and young people to develop capacity and capability.
  • Supporting communities to protect and nurture vulnerable children and young people.
  • Building the capacity of professionals to provide support, with a focus on vulnerable and at risk communities.

Improve health, wellbeing and development by:

  • Working with the community.
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle choices and positive health behaviours.

Foster connections and partnerships by:

  • Developing sustainable connections and partnerships between sectors and professionals.
  • Connecting with young people and children in a meaningful way.

Encourage engagement by:

  • Creating places, spaces and activities that encourage people to come together and build sustained connections.
  • Providing opportunities, in partnership with families, children and young people, for celebrations and acknowledging successes.

At the heart of our work is building partnerships, and by doing this we can work together to better overcome local challenges, resolve issues and ultimately contribute to improved outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Council’s Youth & Family Advisory Group, comprising key local service organisations and residents with relevant experience, leads, oversees and monitors the implementation of the Child, Youth and Family Plan. Our work in successfully implementing the Child Youth and Family Plan relies on the support we receive from the child, youth and family sector in Banyule, as well as professional networks. In addition to sharing information and creating shared understanding, local networks continue to develop professional capacities and capabilities, while planning and delivering key initiatives responding to local needs.

For more information on the Child, Youth and Family Plan please contact our Youth & Family Services Strategic Development Officer on 9457 9908.

More information on specific services is available below:



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