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On this page you will find information about our three cemeteries:

Click here to view all information about cemetery services in Banyule - burials, internment of cremated remains, and memorials.

Warringal Cemetery (Heidelberg)

Warringal Cemetery is located in Heidelberg, on Upper Heidelberg Rd. The cemetery is bordered by the streets Darebin Street, Powlett Street and Brown Street.

Warringal Cemetery is open every day. The main gates are opened at 9.00am and close at 5.00pm (6.00pm during summer time). There is pedestrian access 24 hours/day through three pedestrian access gates:

  • Off Upper Heidelberg Road
  • Off Darebin Street (near Powlett Street)
  • Off Brown Street (near Powlett Street)

The Warringal Cemetery was established in 1855 and was managed by the Warringal Cemetery Trust until 1980 when control was transferred to the City of Heidelberg.  The Cemetery was closed in 1982 for the sale of burial plots, with only burials taking place in plots which had already been purchased.  The Cemetery was reopened for the sale of new burial plots and ashes memorials on the 30th August 1993.

In December 1996, after twelve months of planning and consultation, the Trust resolved to extend the Warringal Cemetery into part of the adjacent Powlett Street road reserve.  This road reserve had been zoned "cemetery purposes" under the Planning Scheme since 1955.  The size of the extension was determined by providing for anticipated income to cover improved amenity and maintenance for a considerable period, without encroaching upon the road reserve more than necessary.

Greensborough Cemetery

Greensborough Cemetery is located on Jessop Street (just a short distance from Greensborough Plaza). Greensborough Cemetery is open every day.

The Greensborough Cemetery was established in 1863 and was managed by trustees until the Shire of Diamond Valley took over management in 1979.  Burials in the Greensborough Cemetery were discontinued in 1978.  In 2003, the cemetery was reopened to allow burials in graves that had been purchased prior to the closure being made.

Hawdon Street Cemetery ("Old Heidelberg Cemetery")

Hawdon Street Cemetery is located in Heidelberg and referred to on maps as "Old Heidelberg Cemetery". Hawdon Street Cemetery is open every day.

This cemetery is the oldest cemetery in the municipality.  The cemetery at 189 Hawdon Street, Heidelberg is managed by Banyule City Council as a memorial park.  This cemetery was established in 1849 by six local men who became the Trustees.  When the last surviving Trustee died in 1897, the cemetery passed into the care of St John's Church of England, Heidelberg. Control of the cemetery passed to the City of Heidelberg in 1982.

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