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Stormwater Drainage


Council is responsible for the care and maintenance of the local public stormwater drainage network. The Council drainage network includes components such as:

  • Inlet pits within the roadway;
  • Kerb and channel in roadways;
  • Underground drainage in roadways and easements (except private drain systems);
  • Junction pits in easements (except private drain systems);
  • Open drains in some areas;
  • Gross pollutant traps;
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) rain gardens on public land; and
  • Retarding basins.

Blocked storm water pipes and pits can be reported to Councils Cleansing and Maintenance Department. Cleansing requests can be lodged with Councils Customer Service on (03) 9490 4222

or via the General Service Request form located on the Customer Service Page, which you can access here

Property owners are responsible for all drainage infrastructure related to the drainage of private property. This also includes sections of pipe in the road reserve that discharge stormwater to the kerb or pipe connections to a Council drain. The property owner is responsible for ensuring that their storm water pipes are connected to the Council nominated Legal Point of Discharge.

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