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Overland Stormwater Flows Special Building Overlay

Special Building Overlay (SBO) will identify properties affected by overland stormwater flows during a 1 in 100 year rainfall event.

Overland Stormwater Flows

Council’s drainage systems are typically designed to handle at least 80% of storms. However, during severe storms, the drainage pipes may fill and excess stormwater will travel overland. Overland flows will always follow natural drainage paths. In some instances, buildings, fences, road and railways have obstructed these natural flow paths.

Reducing the impact of overland stormwater flows

Council has recently completed a comprehensive Stormwater Catchment Analysis to better understand Council’s drainage system and overland stormwater flow paths. The design of drainage improvement works to reduce the impact of overland stormwater flows in the worst affected areas is underway. However, overcoming the problem in all areas is not possible. In order to reduce the overall impact of severe storms and inform the public of potential risks, Council will introduce a new schedule to the SBO into the Banyule Planning Scheme.

Special Building Overlay

The Banyule Planning Scheme is the ‘rule book’ that sets out the way land can be used and developed in the City. The inclusion of a new SBO schedule will show the areas within the Municipality under Council management for drainage that could be affected by overland stormwater flows. This will allow future building modifications or re-development proposals to be planned in a manner which minimises the impact of stormwater to people and property. There is an existing SBO schedule in the planning scheme which relates to land where Melbourne Water is responsible as the regional drainage and flood plain management authorities.

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