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Development (Stormwater) Drainage

To satisfy our stormwater drainage requirements for a planning or building permit, follow these steps:

Step 1: Apply for an approved (legal) point of discharge 
Please allow a minimum of 10 working days for us to complete this application
Please note that the construction of an outfall drain to the nearest Council asset may be required. Applicable fee $141.17

Step 2: Apply for Report and Consent to build within Flood Prone Land*
*Check recent Property Information certificate, Planning or Building Permit to determine if the subject property is subject to flooding.
Please allow 20 working days for us to complete this application. Applicable fee $287.55

If the property requires a planning permit, steps 3 to 6 will also need to be followed:

Step 3: Once planning permit has been granted Submit your stormwater drainage plans and computations
Refer to your planning permit for your stormwater drainage requirements (if PSD and SSR are not indicated in the notes, Tc and Tso values must be obtained prior to submitting stormwater drainage plans by contacting us - we will respond within 5 working days).
Please allow 20 working days for us to review your application. Applicable fee varies from $180 to $1030.

Step 4: Apply for works within a road reserve  
Once we receive the application it takes no more than 48 hours to approve. The applicant will be notified of the approval and fee by phone. The permit is valid for 28 days from the date of payment.

Step 5: Book your stormwater drainage inspection
To book an inspection email or call on 9457 9852. Please note, twenty-four 24 hours notice must be given for all inspections.

Step 6: The applicant’s design engineer is to complete and submit a statement of compliance for drainage and paving works to the Planning Department.

The assessment of the proposed stormwater drainage plans and computations includes:

  • Internal drainage layout demonstrating drainage of the whole of the development site and connection to Council’s drainage network;
  • On-Site Stormwater Detention requirements (to ensure that post development stormwater flows are limited to pre-development levels);
  • New outfall (Council) drainage within the road reserve or drainage easement (if required).

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