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Asset protection inspection

Asset Protection Inspection

Under General Local Law No. 1 (2015), Part 3, Section 3.3, it is a requirement that an Asset Protection Permit is obtained prior to the commencement of building works.

What is an Asset Protection Inspection?

An asset protection inspection is an inspection of Council’s assets abutting the site of the building works. Council assets include footpaths, nature strips, street trees, kerb and channel, drains, roads and right of ways.

Once an inspection has been carried out a report will be generated stating the existing damage to Council’s assets.

Why does asset protection exist?

Past experiences indicate that assets such as roads, footpaths and drains are frequently damaged as a result of building works. The annual cost of repairs is quite high and a substantial burden on ratepayers.

In order to address this issue, Council adopted a ‘user pays’ approach, whereby those responsible for the damage are also responsible for the rectification of that damage.  Under the current policy, an Assets Inspection is conducted to ascertain the condition of Council’s assets before the commencement of works.

If, as a result of the inspection, it is deemed that the building works may cause damage to any Council asset, the property owner is required to lodge a security deposit with Council.

When is an Asset Protection Inspection required?

An Asset Protection Inspection is required prior to:

  • Demolition works
  • Construction of a Dwelling
  • Construction of swimming pool
  • Removal of dwellings
  • Dwelling additions


How to organise an Asset Protection Inspection

The owner or their representative is not permitted to commence any building works on the land without an Asset Protection Inspection being carried out as per General Local Law No. 1.

You may organise an inspection by filling in the Asset Inspection Request Form (see Related Information) and forwarding it to PO Box 94 Greensborough 3088, faxing it to 9499 9475 or emailing it to

How much does an Asset Protection Inspection cost?

The non-refundable fee for an asset protection inspection is $278 (valid to 30 June 2019)

Final inspection

When all works are completed the owner/applicant is required to request a final inspection by calling Council’s Building & Civil Works Unit on 9457 9852 or emailing

After receiving a request for a final inspection, an Asset Protection Officer will determine the condition of Council’s asset abutting the property by conducting an inspection.

If damage has occurred, a quotation will be forwarded to the owner/applicant stating the cost for Council to reinstate any identified damage. Or alternatively the owner/applicant may engage a contractor to reinstate Council’s assets.

General information

Any person undertaking works outside the titled property boundary is required to seek the appropriate permits from the proper authority.

The General Local Law does not relieve the owner and/or developer of their respective legal responsibilities in the event of public liability action arising as a result of damage to, or obstruction of such assets.

For more information

Contact Building & Civil Works Unit on 9457 9852 or email

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