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Building, Engineering and Civil Works

Council prvoides information and guidence for various building and civil works including asset protection, works within a road reserve, development guidelines, buiding over easements, flood level applications, standard drawings and stormwater point of discharge requests. Click on the links below to find out more information.

Asset protection inspection

Information on Asset Protection Inspection i.e. What is an Asset Protection Inspection? and When is an Asset Protection Inspection required?

Works within road reserve

Information on works within road reserve permits and what is required to apply. General information about the permit and the applicable forms.

Development (Stormwater) Drainage

Information on Council's development stormwater drainage requirements and assessment processes including applications for approved (legal) point of discharge and flood level assessment, as well as Banyule's development stormwater drainage guidelines and standard drawings.

Stormwater Drainage

Drainage and flooding issues. Draining issues before building. Flooding from excessive rainfall.

Draining and flooding

Information about drainage.

Build over an Easement

You must get consent from Council to build over a drainage easement. A Build Over Easement (BOE) permit is required to build or place a structure on, near or above an easement or drain.

Overland Stormwater Flows Special Building Overlay

The SBO will identify properties affected by overland stormwater flows during a 1 in 100 year rainfall event.

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