Request building and property information

If you want to understand the zoning and overlays or the planning or building history of a site, you can request property and building information.

You can request:

  • building information: permits and certificates for the last 10 years;
  • details of whether the building or land is in an area predisposed to flooding or other natural threats;
  • specific planning advice: general zoning and overlay details, that are planning triggers; and
  • copies of past planning permits.

Apply for building permit documentation and house plans

Owners who want past building permits and plans can apply to receive copies of that documentation. To check if that documentation is available, phone our Building Department on 9433 7777.

Request building permit documentation

Request building information (Regulation 51 Part 1)

Anyone can request information about a property Reg 51 (1), including:

  • details of any building permits or certificates of final inspection issued in the preceding 10 years; and
  • whether there are any current building notices or orders.

Request building information for works within last 10 years

Planning permits and other property information

Requesting copies of past planning permits

To understand the planning history of a property you can request copies of permits and endorsed plans relevant to the site.

You will need to supply details of the permits you require, including the property address and the permit reference number.

You can include a request for Reg 51 (2) information about whether the property is liable to flooding, termite attack, significant snowfall or bushfire attack level specified in a planning scheme (for conveyancers only).

If you request endorsed plans you need to supply written consent from the architect or drafter who created the plans. We will provide you with their contact details in response to your application.

Pre-2016 permits

If the permit(s) predate 2016, you will be charged a file retrieval fee. You may need to contact with us to find out the permit reference number required.

Property information request

Land information certificates

If you are selling a property, you will need a land information certificate. This provides the land value, rates, charges, any money owing and zoning information.

Request Land Information Certificate(DOC, 68KB)

Property ownership details

If you need to find out the owner of a property in order to contact them to discuss a common fence, we may be able to provide assistance.

Request Property Ownership Details(PDF, 432KB)