Final inspection

When your development is complete, we need to do a final inspection to ensure you have complied with your permit conditions and endorsed plans.

This inspection will look at a range of items, including:

  • landscaping and rain gardens
  • the screening of services and location of meters
  • external storage and water tanks
  • drainage and paving works
  • environmentally sustainable features, for example double glazing and solar panels
  • liveable housing standards that were endorsed on your plans.

It is important to keep in mind that the final inspection is not a building, engineering or civil works inspection.

Organising a final inspection

Step 1.Complete your development

A final inspection happens only after all works, including landscaping, service installations, drainage and paving work are complete.

Step 2.Amendments

If you have made any changes that are not shown on your endorsed plans, then you need to apply for approval for those changes before we inspect your site.

If your changes are not approved, you will need to do additional works to bring your development into compliance with your original plans.

Amend your planning permit

Step 3.Checklist

Before we come out to inspect your property, you must fill out the inspection checklist and declaration.

You will need your development permit application number.

Complete the checklist(PDF, 226KB)

Step 4.Drainage compliance

A qualified engineer must inspect the drainage and paving for your development and sign off on the work.

The engineer must be satisfied that your design plans have been achieved, including:

  • stormwater drainage pit and pipe layout
  • pit size and cover material
  • on-site stormwater detention system
  • pavement grading and cross-fall, however incomplete driveways are acceptable

Complete the compliance of drainage and paving form(PDF, 97KB)

Step 5.Submission

Once the checklist is completed and the engineer has filled out the drainage compliance form, send them to us at

We will arrange an inspection within 14 days or at a mutually convenient time.

Step 6.Inspection

A member of our planning team will visit your property to assess your completed works, noting all points on the checklist.

There is no fee for a final inspection. Should we need to do additional inspections, there is a $167.00 fee charged for each.

Step 7.Discrepancies

Any non-compliances or discrepancies with your plans will be reviewed, and a formal notification of any areas of concern will be provided to you.

You will be required to address the discrepancies to meet our approval and to avoid possible enforcement taken against the developer.

Step 8.Completion

We will contact you by email to let you know that you are in compliance, and that the inspection is complete.