Contribution for fence replacement

If your property borders one of our parks or reserves, you may be eligible for a contribution toward its replacement cost. However, we will not make a contribution toward the replacement of a pedestrian gate on the shared boundary.

Contractors and amount

We must approve of the proposed reconstruction to confirm our contribution amount before you engage contractors.

Applications will not be considered if the work has already started and we were not provided notice.

Once your eligibility for a contribution has been approved, you will need to provide us 2 quotes from contractors before starting.

If your fence replacement includes a pedestrian gate, the quotes must itemise the cost.

Our contribution

The amount we will contribute is based on the average market cost for a standard 1.65m in height timber fence. Rails and framing must be on the residential side.

Payments are made directly to the building/fencing contractor after we have inspected and are satisfied with the completed reconstruction.

Contributions are offered at our discretion, and we are not bound by The Fences Act 1968 to help offset replacement costs.


The replacement fence must:

  • be built from hardwood posts and treated pine rails, palings and plinths
  • use galvanised nails
  • have adequate post holes, for example a 1.65m fence must have posts 700 mm in the ground.

You will be responsible for any additional cost associated with constructing a fence taller than 2m, including the cost for a related building permit.

Unsupported circumstances

New fencing and gates are the responsibility of the owner or developer.

We will not make a contribution where your:

  • fence borders a walkway, roadway or nature strip
  • fence borders a garden or tree reserve that we manage, for example a section between a property boundary and a main roadway that is not used for recreational purposes
  • fence borders a laneway or right of way, including where the laneway is an extension of a recreation reserve
  • property has a covenant on the title where a fencing boundary is included
  • fence borders a carpark that we manage.

We will not make a contribution if you have received one from us in the past 10 years.

Housing estate subdivision

If your property is in a newly created subdivision and borders our land, the estate developer is responsible for installing the initial boundary fence.

Structures attached to fences

If a structure has been attached to a fence – pergola, lattice, garden enclosures or anything that relied on the fence for support – then we will find that is has caused detriment to the fence and its expected lifespan.

Fence damage from fallen branches or storms

If your fence is damaged due to a fallen branch or tree from your property, then you are responsible for the cost to repair the fence.

If the fallen branch or tree was located on our land, you must first contact us to make an incident report. An inspector will then decide if a claim can be made.

If your fence is damaged due to a storm event, you must first contact us to make an incident report. An inspector will then decide if a claim can be made.

Fence damage from a car accident

Contact your insurance provider for advice. We cannot make a repair contribution.


Apply for fence replacement contribution


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