New planning permit application

Use this form to apply for a new planning permit.

Before you start

To help you complete this form, there are details you need to know and documentation you must have including:

  • a current copy of title (obtained within the last 3 months) - purchase a current copy of your title at LANDATA
  • a description of what the permit is for
  • a written response to relevant zones and overlays
  • an estimated cost of the works
  • a credit card to pay the application fee - fees vary from $202 and can increase to thousands of dollars based on the proposal and estimated cost of works 
  • an arborist report on the impact existing or neighbouring vegetation
  • copies of plans and any other additional information
  • a Metropolitan Planning Levy (MPL) to be paid for applications exceeding $1,107,000.00 estimated cost of works.

If you do not have access to these, contact our Development Planning team on 9457 9808 to discuss alternative lodgement options.

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