Reducing the impact of stormwater flooding

We investigate and resolve drainage and flooding concerns raised by residents.

Drainage design and improvement

Pipes are designed to a certain size to cater for the normal range of rainfall. When extremely heavy rainfall occurs, stormwater can start flowing 'overland' because this pipe system is full. This can cause problems for residents, particularly those with properties in gullies.

When flooding does occur, it is usually due to the fact that the rainfall has been abnormally heavy, rather than the pipes being too small. However, there can be refinements made to Council’s drainage system and a program of drainage improvement works has been developed with funding provided by Council each year.

In some of the older residential areas in the municipality, drainage problems can arise as pipe drains were not installed as part of the original subdivision.

Installing extra drains at your expense

If you are experiencing repeated flooding, contact us to discuss our Special Charge Scheme for installing drains. Under the scheme, residents who benefit from the new drains pay for the cost of installing them.

Special building overlay

The Banyule Planning Scheme is the ‘rule book’ that sets out the way land can be used and developed in the City. The inclusion of a new SBO schedule will show the areas within the Municipality under Council management for drainage that could be affected by overland stormwater flows. This will allow future building modifications or re-development proposals to be planned in a manner which minimises the impact of stormwater to people and property. There is an existing SBO schedule in the planning scheme which relates to land where Melbourne Water is responsible as the regional drainage and flood plain management authorities.